Twelve hand stiched moulded leather bags in installation with shattered mirror

Cath Johnston

The ultimate accessory. Conceptualizing the plight of the modern child, made object of desire through the overt sexualization and exploitation of consumerism. Carried around for public appearances. Seen but not heard. Hung up on the wall to admire, to desire.

Go forth and populate, create, replicate in thine own image.  Which bag would you choose? Does it suit you? How does it look? Feel? Is there a sense of obligation, completion, definition of success, or desire for the unconditional? Do you see the child within? Or is it no longer tangible, trapped in its objectification and layers of projected desire.

You are asked to go through the fractured cracks of your inherently flawed constructed self, beyond your projected illusion, and really see… find truth in the desperate clarity of the complete disillusion of your surface. Hear the silent scream.


Individual bags available in your choice of colour and style, clasp and rivet fittings. Very popular fully functional bags with a 'wow' factor. Price varies with choice of fittings, additional stud rivets etc. Price on average $900 per bag. Size approx 45cm(L) by 25cm(W) by 35cm(H). The ultimate accessory.

Complete Sculpture available for $10800

To Have and To Hold- 2011
Time Bomb - 2010

Resin eggs containing watches, hospital bed

Ancient hands cradle life's fragility and the choices we make in living it.

Dimensions: 3 x individual sets of hands are approx 20cm Lx 15cm w x 10cm H

Price: $300 each without stand