Still Life


Hand stitched leather sofa, large format installation photographs, reclaimed furniture, and rubbish

Still Life explores the phenomenon of the true couch potato as a legacy of the modern human condition. A faceless, depersonalized fusion enabled and encouraged in its isolated environment of self-destruction through the mind numbing, easy-access of a virtual reality.

It also comments on the insignificance of the individual in context of the mass consumer machine. In a world where greed is good, the ‘hard graft’ is the culmination of a dedicated life’s work, an anti-prize of complete loss of self. It exposes the dirty truth. It is a product of years of neglect, hoarding and disconnection from others and the physical world.

Stripped bare of any dignity, modestly, intimacy, or any real sense of humanity, those depicted in the family portrait style images have lost themselves and each other. Fixed intently on delivering the world’s flickering white noise, the television remains the only constant; a window of virtual reality on an otherwise dead and decaying landscape.

Thursday, 21 June 2018
To Have and To Hold- 2011
Time Bomb - 2010

Resin eggs containing watches, hospital bed

Ancient hands cradle life's fragility and the choices we make in living it.

Dimensions: 3 x individual sets of hands are approx 20cm Lx 15cm w x 10cm H

Price: $300 each without stand