Cath Johnston 2018 Mixed Media $3200

Locked in an endless gaze of contemplation, mirrors to each other’s souls, these two women share the cramped and confronting close quarters of a small but luxurious stone bath. There is a powerful connection in the silent space between them… heavily charged with energy yet strangely calm and meditative. Washed clean of the outside worlds dogma, the pure light of love within gives a pearl like luminescence to their skin. Are they sisters, lovers, friends or strangers? They are souls… and their connection gives strength and love and calm. There is peace in this moment in the otherwise hectic and harsh reality of this world… long may they soak.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018
To Have and To Hold- 2011
Time Bomb - 2010

Resin eggs containing watches, hospital bed

Ancient hands cradle life's fragility and the choices we make in living it.

Dimensions: 3 x individual sets of hands are approx 20cm Lx 15cm w x 10cm H

Price: $300 each without stand