Time is Money


Wooden blocks, watches, metal

The game of life. There are no rules. It is impossible to tell which side you are on or what pieces are yours to play with. The playing field itself is only loosely laid out and liable to fall apart with any brash movement. Its all about money and time. If you dont have money then you are not in the game. If you can tame time then you are out of time and out of luck. Sorry. Thanks for playing. Try again next time.

This work is part of the artists private collection. Prints are available for sale on request.

Thursday, 21 June 2018
To Have and To Hold- 2011
Time Bomb - 2010

Resin eggs containing watches, hospital bed

Ancient hands cradle life's fragility and the choices we make in living it.

Dimensions: 3 x individual sets of hands are approx 20cm Lx 15cm w x 10cm H

Price: $300 each without stand