Old Macdonald - 2011

Small scale sculptureinstallation of 3 battery chickens with 2 resin chicken eggs, Ladder and Chicken coup debris.


This sculpture strips back romantic notions of ‘the farm; and reveals the reality of food production from the ground up. The 3 battery hens are presented with the metallic feathered finish of over 10 000 watch batteries trapped in a plastic shell of highly polished resin. The cracked resin echoes the cracks of abuse and desensitization of commercial mass production.

The nature of all living forms is to live. And at the start of this life, to hope. At the base of the sculpture ladder are 2 resin eggs in which float fetal chickens. The scrap of real bone and blood and feathers, of life, that holds all the hope and potential of the world, before the inevitability of  a relentless conveyor of consumption make death all that is left to hope for.

This work makes sardonic comment on food production in the 21st Century. Once upon a time Old Macdonald did have a farm where the Pigs went oink and the cows went moo and the chickens when squawk, cluck chirp. Old Macdonald now has many farms and they all go kaching kaching kaching.

Price: $8400