Preconception - 2012

Large scale sculpture of 82 vases with thermocast resin babies set into 6 astroturfed milk crate cubes with underlighting. Each baby has an umbilical flower to create a garden of eden.




This piece talks about the nurturing and growth of life, and its fragility and vulnerability. In this time of Preconception there is an endlessness of possibility. The babies, floating in life’s elixir, are peaceful and asleep, waiting calmly to be plucked, and in that moment the preconceptions of those that choose and the world they must live override all… the only certainty is that the end has begun. This work asks the viewer to examine their own preconceptions about humanity. Nature vs nurture. Good vs bad. Black vs white.

Dimensions: 180cmW x 1m D x 1m H

Price: Individual Baby Vases $150 each (purchaser to choose favourite vase from installation), Complete Sculpture $10500