Toy Boy - 2010

Hand stitched leather bag, vodka bottle and teat, whip, and bondage style mask.


toy boy


Bondage (defn): a situation in which you are not free because someone or something controls your life.Toy Boy’ represents the child’s powerlessness transformation into object of desire through the overt sexualization and exploitation of children in mass consumer culture. In its simplest form, as the maternal clock tolls, the desire to conceive transcends all else. As a mainstream idiom, the waif-like child’s body projects highly sexualized eroticism. Youth sells. Younger sells so much more. More sinisterly, with an alarming rise, the child is an erotic fixation for pedophilic fantasy.

The child within is lost, no longer tangible, trapped in its bondage of erotic objectification and its layers of projected desire, reduced to a mere plaything for the media machine. This is the modern child. And in progression, the child’s toys serve to numb, to blind, to flagellate, and to acquiesce.